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Did you know that candlestick charts can give you MORE insight than old-fashioned bar charts have to offer.

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About Steve Nison

Steve Nison is uniquely qualified to help you fully exploit the opportunities candlestick  charts present to today's markets. As a renowned author and speaker, he has the distinction of being the first to reveal candlesticks charts to the Western world.

Mr. Nison is not only the acknowledged master of these previously secret candlestick techniques, but is also an expert on Western technical analysis with over 30 years real world experience.

Regarded as one of the most foremost technical analysts in the world, Mr. Nison’s client list includes Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, NYSE and NASDAQ market makers, hedge funds and money managers. He now teaches the public the same secret strategies previously reserved only for his institutional clients.

His work has been highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, Worth Magazine, Institutional Investor and Barron's.

He has presented his trading strategies in 20 countries to traders from almost every investment firm on how to apply – and profit from – these methods. He has also lectured at numerous universities. And he was guest speaker at the World Bank and the Federal Reserve.


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